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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I drive in the snow?

Watch this video: http://bit.ly/THINK-snow

Are you sure you need to?

Preparing the car


It may seem obvious, but with snow on the road there’s much less grip. This will affect your car when you want to change speed or direction:

Getting going

Most cars use front-wheel drive, if your car is rear-wheel drive, you'll need to adapt the tips!

Why does moving off in 2nd gear work? 1st gear has too much torque—twisting power. With so little grip the wheels just start spinning. You can have great fun watching people spinning their wheels frantically with the engine screaming while the car slides backwards down the hill.

While you’re moving


Chains and similar devices make it possible to move on packed snow. Chains, gripping rods or special fabric are stretched across the tread of the tyres.

· driving in adverse weather conditions: Highway Code

· winter driving advice: Highways Agency

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