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Preparing for the test? Whether you’re an absolute beginner, have been struggling to pass, or have come from another country and now need a UK licence, ECPC can help you.

Keen to pass? Silly question, but give yourself the best chance! The official guidelines are that you need 45 hours of lessons and 20 hours of private practice to get a 50/50 chance of passing. ECPC pupils do better than average, and our instructors will guide you in what to practice in your own car, and get you ready to drive even if you can’t practice at home.

Last minute test

If you get a short-notice test slot we’ll help you if we can. If you aren’t an ECPC pupil, you’ll need at least four hours of lessons with ECPC before the test. We have found that eight hours will give you a very good chance of passing. These lessons will allow you to get used to manoeuvring the car and to conditions and road features around the test centre. It will also allow the ECPC instructor to make sure that you can drive to a safe standard. If the instructor does not consider that you meet the safety standard, they will not permit you to use an ECPC car for the test.

Absolute beginners

“With much encouragement from Steve and hard work from myself, my confidence grew as I was learning to drive. I was nervous being on the road among other drivers at first, but Steve put all my worries to rest and I was able to focus on driving.” Maya, 17, from Gravesend, passed her test in April 2006

Your very first lesson needs to be two hours. In that time you’ll learn all about the controls of the car, to move off safely and stop the car in a good place, and you’ll start to deal with junctions. After that, lessons can be as long and as often as suits you.

You’ll get advice on the theory test, learn to deal with all kinds of roads and traffic situations, and practice parking and other manoeuvres.

There will be practice tests and we’ll build up your experience until you’re ready to go solo. That’s the time to take your test.

With your Test Pass certificate in your hand, you’ll be able to take your Pass Plus course with ECPC.

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Struggling to pass

A lot of people have done a bit of driving at 17 and never quite got through the test. As time passes, you might find you really need to drive. ECPC is used to helping pupils in this situation, you’re probably more mature and cautious than younger pupils and may have had bad experiences in the past. We’ll help you use your maturity to become a better and safer driver.

None of this would have been possible without your teaching and patience - so thank you very much - couldn't work without my car now!” Dan, 31, from Otford, passed his test in December 2005

Some of our successful pupils have almost given up on themselves after repeated failure. If that’s you, try ECPC, we really can get you through:

"I had failed three driving tests when I found ECPC. Steve seemed to know what and how I needed to learn. I passed my fourth test and also did my PassPlus with Steve. It has made me a confident and safe driver despite my earlier failures." Laboni, 29, from Sevenoaks, passed her test in August 2006

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Overseas drivers

Years of experience back home, and now you need to pass your UK test! It’s not easy. You need help from someone who understands your situation and how to train you to drive the UK way.

“The driving test went great. It was simple and straightforward after you explained everything. Thanks for getting me prepared. Keep up the good work.”

Chad, 37, “mainly from Washington state”, passed his UK test at the first attempt in March 2014, after an intensive, short course of lessons - just a few weeks before his international driver’s permit expired.

Steve is a patient and professional instructor. His study schedule was practical and detailed.  Steve provided me with learning material with clear key points. I am a foreigner and just lived in London for 1 year. My spoken English is very poor because of my incorrect pronunciation. However, Steve is so helpful and explained me the manoeuvres in pictures. Steve gave me a practice of all show/tell questions just before my driving test. I finally passed the practical test the first time with only 2 minor mistakes. Thank you very much Steve. Thank you.

Julia, 39, from China and living in Orpington, passed her test in June 2016, a year after moving to England.

I am very glad I chose Steve for my driving instructor. He is very knowledgeable, polite, calm and patient. All the qualities you want in an instructor to help you pass in your exam, as I did. But more than that, he is a very pleasant company and also very knowledgeable on all sorts of thing such as the geography, architecture and history of Sevenoaks. I learned much more than just to drive. The lessons were real treats!  Thank you Steve.

Carla, 42, from Brazil and living in Sevenoaks, passed her UK test in October 2016.

Successful ECPC pupils have held licences from many places including Algeria, Arizona, Bangladesh, Brazil, California, Canada, China, Colombia, Congo, Florida, India, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Mexico, New York, Russia, South Dakota, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, Virginia, Washington state and Zambia.

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Preparing for the Test