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Got a licence already! OK, so you don’t need to pass a test, but there are still lots of ways you can benefit from lessons with ECPC.

Pass Plus

If you’ve just passed your test, Pass Plus is a course designed to give you the experience you’d gain in your first year, in just six hours. You’ll finish as a safer and more confident driver. Because you’ll be less likely to be involved in an accident, most insurance companies will give you a year’s no claims bonus right away.

An added bonus for young drivers resident in Kent: KCC will subsidise your course with ECPC.

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The Pass Plus website will give you information about the syllabus.

EC/EU and Overseas Drivers

These tailored courses are ideal for nannies and au pairs. We often include a real school-run driving lesson so your nanny or au pair will be much safer with your children on board.

If you hold an EC/EU driving licence you can use it to drive in the UK. No need for an international driving permit.

However, you may never have driven on the left, changed gear with your left hand, or tried a roundabout, let alone clockwise.

If you’re from Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, you have the advantage of driving on the left at home, but traffic conditions are very different here, as are traffic lights, roundabouts (that’s robots and traffic circles to you!) and the tiny roads packed with parked cars.

In a couple of hours (more if you want) with ECPC, you’ll practice all these, and learn about those mysterious road markings, driver’s responsibilities in the UK, and try the M25, all in the safety of a dual-controlled car. When you are ready, we can use your car to practice in. We’ll talk about differences in driving laws from what you’re used to at home, and work on your road position and hazard perception until you are more confident and safer on England’s roads.

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Not driven for a few years, unsure about motorways, narrow roads and country lanes, or finding roundabouts a bit scary?

Take a lesson or two in our dual-controlled cars, use your own car when you feel ready. Renew your skills, build your experience and confidence, and take to the road again as a safer and better driver.

“Thank you for your help, I definitely feel more confident with lanes etc. I'm going to just get out in my car as much as possible and practice. I shall put a recommendation on Sevenoaks mums too. Thank you again.”

Della, from West Kingsdown, had done very little driving since passing her test, and mostly in town. She took a few refresher lessons on country lanes in March 2014.

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Personalised training

Nervous about motorways, worried about driving at night, finding your new coupé hard to park? These are just some of the reasons why experienced drivers have come to ECPC for driving lessons.

Parking and fast roads are part of the test now, and night driving and motorways feature in PassPlus, but most drivers were never taught in these situations, so it’s not surprising people struggle.

Take a lesson or two to add to your skills, and build your experience and confidence. We can use your car or ECPC’s, or a combination, it’s up to you.

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ECO-Safe driving

Cars are changing fast, and we need to adapt our driving to make best use of them. ECO-Safe driving is a new approach which will reduce stress and costs, and help the environment. On a typical journey you will reduce fuel consumption by 8.5% AND CUT journey time by 10%.

Take a short course, learn how to make best use of a modern car engine, and how to make smoother, safer progress. Reduce your carbon footprint and make your journeys quicker, safer and easier.

Test your knowledge, take the ECPC ECO-Safe Quiz challenge!

Beyond the Test