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Steve Draper is your ECPC Approved Driving Instructor in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.

With a Cambridge degree that included psychology, and trained as an instructor for both skiing and driving, Steve will build you up and help you gain the skills and confidence you need to drive safely in today’s road conditions.

Safety and enjoyment are the key to learning. ECPC’s new, comfortable, dual-controlled cars help create the environment you need. Our experienced instructors will work with you to develop your skills and judgment, exposing you to more difficult conditions as and when you are ready to move on.

Here’s what ECPC’s pupils wrote about their lessons. These are all unedited comments, sent in by pupils for publication.

I am very glad I chose Steve for my driving instructor. He is very knowledgeable, polite, calm and patient. All the qualities you want in an instructor to help you pass in your exam, as I did. But more than that, he is a very pleasant company and also very knowledgeable on all sorts of thing such as the geography, architecture and history of Sevenoaks. I learned much more than just to drive. The lessons were real treats!  Thank you Steve.

Carla, 42, from Brazil and living in Sevenoaks, passed her UK test in October 2016.

Steve is a patient and professional instructor. His study schedule was practical and detailed.  Steve provided me with learning material with clear key points. I am a foreigner and just lived in London for 1 year. My spoken English is very poor because of my incorrect pronunciation. However, Steve is so helpful and explained me the manoeuvres in pictures. Steve gave me a practice of all show/tell questions just before my driving test. I finally passed the practical test the first time with only 2 minor mistakes. Thank you very much Steve. Thank you.

Julia, 39, from China and living in Orpington, passed her test in June 2016, a year after moving to England.

Hi Steve, thank you so much for all of your help with driving you are really great at what you do and I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much for building my confidence and for all your support! See you on the Pass Plus

Brooke, 18, from Sevenoaks, passed her test in November 2015, after failing four times she had switched to ECPC for one last, successful attempt.

“Hi Steve, I've just got back from my first solo motorway round trip to Bath. Thank you so much for erasing that voice in my head that had convinced me that motorway driving was scary and dangerous. I merged like a pro!”

Rachel, from Sevenoaks, had held a licence for years, but had always avoided motorways. Now she needed to use the motorway and took just three hours of lessons with ECPC in July 2015 to gain the confidence she needed.

“I came to Steve with a test already booked and only a limited time to polish up on my driving skills after a series of lessons in London. Not only was he extremely accommodating with his time, scheduling lessons on the weekend, late in the evening and even his day off, however I found his relaxed attitude refreshing after a series of pushy and unreliable instructors. After only a short time with Steve I found areas I previously struggled with (particularly the dreaded manoeuvres!) became easier as a result of his patience, efficiency and of course his clever anecdotes to remember sequences and techniques by. Needless to say I passed my test, which I am in no doubt would have been less likely should Steve had not been my instructor- Thank you Steve!!”

Katie, from London, passed her test in October 2014

“Thank you for your help, I definitely feel more confident with lanes etc. I'm going to just get out in my car as much as possible and practice. I shall put a recommendation on Sevenoaks mums too. Thank you again.”

Della, from West Kingsdown, had done very little driving since passing her test, and mostly in town. She took a few refresher lessons on country lanes in March 2014

“The driving test went great. It was simple and straightforward after you explained everything. Thanks for getting me prepared. Keep up the good work.”

Chad, 37, “mainly from Washington state”, passed his test in March 2014

“Hi Steve, just a quick but massive Thanks for all that you've done for me. You're a great teacher and I will be recommending you to my younger brother who is saving up for some lessons! Speak soon. Thanks again”

Adam, 24, from Tonbridge, passed his test in April 2013

“Hi Steve. Thanks again for teaching Ellie - she has had a big smile on her face ever since passing her test yesterday!!  All down to you of course!....[3 weeks later]….Ellie is absolutely loving driving.  If I need anything from the shops then she's the first to offer to go for me - long may it last!!  She's taken me out a couple of times and I can't believe how confident she is (not too confident though!!). I feel very safe with her.  Thank you again. Will be in touch in 2 years for our son!  See you around town!”

Ellie, 17, from Westerham, passed her test at the first attempt in March 2013

“Thanks, Steve for your excellent teaching, I was well prepared for my test and really enjoyed the Pass Plus.”

James, 46, from London, had attempted the test a number of times in London. In Sevenoaks, after a short but quite intensive period of lessons with ECPC, he passed his test at the first attempt in March 2013

Steve’s patient enthusiasm for driving instruction is infectious.

“He took me from a raw recruit with paper-thin excuses for avoiding driving lessons to someone confident behind the wheel and eager to pass my test.

“Steve’s well-planned and informative lessons started with simple clutch control and gear changes through to show and tell revision and driving in unseasonable weather. No stone was left unturned in his quest to pass me first time – and happily that was exactly what I did!

“I’d recommend him to anyone looking to take lessons in and around Sevenoaks.”

Tom, 28, from London, passed his test in January 2011

“Thank you so much for teaching us to drive, you were a brilliant teacher and we really appreciate it

That’s two more first-time passes for your record—yay!

Thanks again, we’ll see you soon for Pass Plus”

Twins Issy and Livi, 17, from Sevenoaks, passed their tests at the first attempt in June 2010

“Our daughter had failed her driving test and we were looking for an instructor to rebuild her confidence and help her pass the test. We looked for a driving instructor in the Sevenoaks area and found Steve. We contacted him and were impressed straight away with his knowledge and words of encouragement. Suffice to say our daughter passed the driving test under Steve's guidance and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to any learner driver.”

Stef, 17, from Sundridge, passed her test in November 2009

“I found Steve to be an excellent driving instructor with more patience than anyone I have ever known, with his support and encouragement I was amazed to pass quickly and first time.  Lessons were tailored to meet my individual needs and Steve really focused on developing my weaknesses to increase my confidence and ability.  Not a minute of the lessons are wasted and you learn far more than just how to drive.  I was so happy and comfortable learning with Steve and would highly recommend him as a teacher, I really could not have done it without him.”

Kathleen, 25, from Dunton Green, passed her test in August 2009

“Thanks ever so much for being a really good teacher also a good laugh, look forward to seeing you around town.”

Martin, 20, from Sevenoaks, passed his test at the first attempt in July 2009

“I had taken driving lessons with other schools before working with Steve, but he was the only one who got me to a satisfactory standard for the driving test, and in a short amount of time too. I felt I was constantly learning and improving, thanks to his guidance.

“Steve really inspires you to be a better driver, and I feel I've gained a skill for life. The lessons were friendly & relaxed, but were also very informative, and I can only urge those looking for lessons to get in touch.”

Chris, 24, from Shoreham, passed his test in November 2007

“Steve was a very patient and efficient teacher. He missed no details and not only taught me well enough for me to pass my test first time but taught me to be a safe, sensible and aware driver beyond ‘just passing the test.’ I’ve been driving for 10 months now and have done almost 5000 miles and I haven’t been in an accident yet. Not to mention the fact that I had a great deal of fun throughout!”  

Henry, 17, from London, passed his test in Sevenoaks in December 2006

“I had failed three driving tests when I found ECPC. Steve seemed to know what and how I needed to learn. I passed my fourth test and also did my PassPlus with Steve. It has made me a confident and safe driver despite my earlier failures."  

Laboni, 29, from Sevenoaks, passed her test in August 2006

“With much encouragement from Steve and hard work from myself, my confidence grew as I was learning to drive. I was nervous being on the road among other drivers at first, but Steve put all my worries to rest and I was able to focus on driving.”

Maya, 17, from Gravesend, passed her test in April 2006

“None of this would have been possible without your teaching and patience - so thank you very much - couldn't work without my car now!”

Dan, 31, Otford, passed his test in December 2005