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Why do people fail the Test?

Practicing for the test? Pupils often ask why people fail the test. The figures in the table below are reproduced from official DVSA statistics. Remember, this is not a test you can pass by doing well, you have to not fail. No matter how well you drive for most of the test, one unsafe moment will cause you to fail.

When independent driving was introduced the number of manoeuvres in each test was cut from 2 to 1. With half as many of the candidates doing each manoeuvre they have dropped down the list, but you still have to be able to do whichever one you are asked! It is easy to see that the emphasis on normal driving has been reflected in the failure reasons league table.

Observation at junctions is the permanent number one reason for failure. This is why I place such emphasis on the MSPSL junctions routine. When you arrive at the junction at the right speed and in the correct gear you have plenty of time to make sure it’s safe to go, and you can move immediately you see that it’s safe.